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What is Apollo Virtual 3D?

Apollo Virtual 3D uses state of the art, next generation 3D photography to capture color and depth of a retailer’s location, creating a completely virtual three-dimensional representation of your space. Once complete, your prospects and consumers can “walk through” your entire footprint with just the simple click of a mouse or touch to a phone screen.

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What does Apollo do?

Apollo handles the entire project from start to finish. Working with your marketing department, we script and storyboard the entire shoot prior to the on-site scanning of your space. The actual shoot takes place in less than 2 hours for most businesses. Afterwards, Apollo edits the scans in post, creates a seamless flow of the scans in the software, and completes the tour with tags and copy points.

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What is the finished product?

Incredibly, this 3D scan is available for viewing the very next day! With simple guidance from Apollo, your in-house technical team will be able to embed the scan into your website. Apollo hosts the scan, provides a monthly report of its usage, and edits copy points on request.

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What are the costs?

Apollo Virtual 3D is a one-time fee based on the needs of the client and the square footage of the space itself. The fee includes hosting for twelve months, one hour of updates per month, and initial technical support to get your scan up and running.

Would You Like to Know More?

We have offices in Los Angeles, Dallas and Las Vegas, but we can shoot on-site any where in the US.

Los Angeles

Matt Beshear
(310) 666-2087

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David Mamot
(214) 710-2805

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Las Vegas

Justin Woo
(310) 836-9777 x 1116

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