We help our clients acquire customers and drive sales…

…and take a sales-centric approach to reach consumers actively in the market.

The Program

We have a Comprehensive Channel Revenue Program for Insurance Companies

    Growing Affinity

  • Internet Marketing
  • Brand Building
  • Reputation Management

    Prospect Acqusition

  • Online Media
  • Lead Brokering
  • Remarketing

    Customer Conversion

  • Capturing
  • Delivery
  • Handling

    Profit Modeling

  • Sales Cycling
  • Value Profiling
  • Right Pricing

Sales-centric marketing is more than just message and media. Our comprehensive channel revenue program focuses on everything required to generate consistent, profitable revenue. Our unique insight, proprietary products, and deep experience enable us to grow affinity, acquire prospects, optimize conversion to customer, and analyze the right price to pay for all online marketing activities. If you want to learn more about how our comprehensive channel revenue program, request a meeting.